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Dr. Jasmeet Bains Makes History Again with Committee Assignments

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO, CA – Already the first ever South Asian woman and Sikh elected to the California State Legislature, Dr. Jasmeet Bains (D-Delano) has made history once again as the first-ever medical doctor appointed to lead the Assembly Aging and Long-Term Care Committee. The Committee has primary jurisdiction over critical issues affecting California’s growing senior population including conducting oversight over the California Department of Aging and the California Commission on Aging, as well as the implementation of the Older Americans Act and services for seniors in residential and day settings.

“I am honored to be named Chair of the Aging and Long-Term Care Committee,” said Dr. Bains. “People over the age of 65 will soon account for 1/4th of California’s total population. We need to start planning now to provide the services and resources our seniors and their families will need. I look forward to serving as the primary advocate within the State Legislature on issues impacting older Californians. As the first doctor to lead this committee, I will bring my lived experiences to the legislative process about what it is like to deliver long-term care on the ground. We provide too little support to caregiving family members, volunteers, and IIHS providers. We often talk about how much we value our older generations, but we have a lot of work to do before our policies and budgetary resources reflect those priorities.”

Dr. Bains was also named to the powerful Assembly Businesses and Professions Committee which regulates the licensing of nearly every profession in the state. The Committee also oversees California’s emerging legal cannabis industry and is tasked with conducting oversight over the Department of Consumer Affairs.

“As a doctor, I always wanted to spend more time with my patients and less time on paperwork,” continued Dr. Bains. “I look forward to advancing policies that will streamline licensing for professionals ranging from architects and contractors to therapists and nurses.”

Dr. Bains was also appointed to the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee as well as the Accountability and Administrative Review Committee. The Revenue and Taxation Committee considers a range of policies including the creation and expansion of tax credits and tax cuts.  The Accountability and Administrative Review Committee focuses on advancing efficiencies in the management of state government and reviewing the effectiveness of state programs and agencies.

“With a looming budget deficit on the horizon, government efficiency and responsible spending will be more important than ever. The committee process shapes the policies that are considered by the full Legislature and the Governor. Sacramento has a bad habit of ignoring the priorities of rural communities like the San Joaquin Valley. I am ready to get to work to ensure we get our fair share.”