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2024 Legislative Package

AB 892 Kern County Hospital Authority (two year bill)

AB 1122 Tug Boat Safety (two year bill)

AB 1787 Prop 47 criminal accountability reform (coauthor)

AB 2357 ‘Grow Our Own’ Medical School Endowment

AB 2541 Peace Officer Training for Wandering Seniors

AB 2551 Lower from 65 to 60 Crime of Elder Abuse

AB 2620 Streamline Commission on Aging

AB 2636 Expand Senior Volunteer Opportunities

AB 2651 Licensing of alcohol drug counselors

AB 2658 Food Processor Organic Waste Diversion Exemption

AB 2689 California Alzheimer’s Research Voluntary Tax Contribution

AB 2828 Kids Plates Child Abuse Funding

AB 3011 Extreme Heat Rates

AB 3019 Streamlined Oil Well Plugging

AB 3027 Transnational Repression

AB 3029 Xylazine Accountability Act